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AS Unit 1 - The Family

1) Key Aspects of the course

A Family  is a unit of people who are tied by “kinship” (are related by blood, adoption or marriage)

A household is one or more people living in the same address and sharing living arrangements.

Different types of Families and Households

  • Nucleur – two generations: parents and children living in the same household
  • Extended – All kin, including beyond the nucleur family
  • ‘Beanpole’ family – A multi-generation family where each few children are born in each generation, but people living longer
  • Patriarchal family – Authority held by males
  • Matriarchal family – Authority held by females
  • Symmetrical familiy – Authority and taks shared between couple
  • Reconstituted family – One or both partners previously married, with children from previous marriages
  • Lone parent families – A family with just one parent
  • Single person household – An individual living alone

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