A2 – Social Perspectives

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1) Positivist sociology

Comte argued that sociology should be based upon the same methods as natural science. He said that if we can find “facts” about society we could then identify a cause and effect relationships and laws in society. Durkheim said that social facts, institutions, beliefs and values of society, should be treated the same way as … Continue reading

2) Realist Sociology

Realists say that there are differences between the social and natural worlds, however this doesn’t mean social science is impossible. This is because both the natural and social worlds are produced by structures and mechanisms, and it is the job of sociology as a science to uncover these structures and mechanisms. Andrew Sayer said that … Continue reading

3) Interpretivist Sociology

Max Weber said that sociology is ‘a science which attempts the interpretive understanding of social action in order thereby to arrive at a causal explanation’. Weber said we need to understand why people do things if we are to truly understand their actions. Weber developed the theory of verstehen whereby researchers put themselves in the … Continue reading